Do You Know the Best – and Worst – Things for Your Financial Health?

Becoming financially independent can seem like it requires a huge effort. For one thing, there are so many different things to consider, from your income to taxes, debt, budgets, and so on. Add to that the fact that all of these can constantly be changing, and it’s no wonder so many people end up being confused… and often, getting behind on their bills.


Unfortunately, there isn’t any quick fix to financial health. However, you can take a big step forward by knowing the two biggest things – the best and the worst – that can make or break your bank account. Believe it or not, neither one has very much to do with your income: (more…)

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One Good Money-Saving Habit to Start on Today

Here at Payday Flex, one of the things we love is giving our readers and customers small, simple, money-saving tips that they can use right away. We know that it’s hard to follow complicated advice and make big changes all at once, so we try to break down financial advice into easy steps that are simple to work into your day-to-day life.


With that in mind, here is one tip that can save you a lot of money and change the way you think about expenses: begin keeping receipts for everything.


Although most of the people you know probably throw receipts in the garbage, especially for small purchases, we hope you’ll start keeping them in an envelope or folder. By putting them away for review once a week or so, you can accomplish three important things: (more…)

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How to Make the Most of Coupons and Daily Deals

Clipping coupons (or in the Internet age, saving and printing them) has long been a strategy of money-savers everywhere. But, paying too much attention to coupons can actually work against you. That’s because getting a “great deal” on something could tempt you into making a purchase that you wouldn’t have considered otherwise.


In other words, a low price can actually cause you to spend more money, not less, if you end up buying more things. Obviously, that’s not going to help you to save money. So, to make the most of coupons, daily deals, and other specials, follow these steps: (more…)

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4 Things You Should Know About a Payday Flex Online Loan

If you’re considering an Internet payday loan for the first time, you probably have a lot of questions and concerns. On top of finding the right company to work with, you want to be sure that you understand the terms, fees, and important details.


Naturally, you can find all of that information on our site by visiting the homepage or our frequently asked questions. But, as a quick reference, here are five things a new customer might want to know about a Payday Flex online loan: (more…)

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One Easy Way to Make Saving Money Automatic

Let’s face it: saving money is hard. On our blog, you’ll readily find tips for changing your financial habits and learning to put away more money. That’s because we know how difficult it is to start spending (or not spending) your money in new ways, and that it’s a gradual process for most of our readers.


But, if you’re looking for a faster, more convenient way to start putting aside a little more money, try our two-step process: first, pay cash for everything; then, put all the change you receive into a jar somewhere out of sight.


If this sounds too simple to work, consider that it helps you to accomplish four important things: (more…)

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Four Things That Are Probably Costing You More Than You Think

Sometimes, the biggest expenses you have to deal with aren’t really the “biggest” in the sense that they represent huge dollar amounts – instead, they are the awfully tiny, almost-unnoticeable things you pay for time and time again. In fact, you might not really think about them at all, since they just seem like “part of life.”


But, when you look at them over the course of several months or year, some of these costs aren’t so tiny after all. To show you what we mean, here are four huge fees that are probably take a bigger bite out of your budget than you might realize: (more…)

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The Painful Truth About Saving and Budgeting

America, we aren’t just conditioned to want things, but to want them right now. Unfortunately, that’s not always best, especially when we’re trying to meet our bigger financial goals. In fact, it’s usually that tug-of-war between what we want to spend money on (or used to spending money on) and what we want to save for in the long term that gets us into money trouble, no matter how much we earn.


In other words, saving money takes discipline, and that’s not something most people acquire overnight.


The painful truth is that staying on track with your budget often means making short-term sacrifices. But, if you can learn to put off making purchases until the right time (when you have cash in-hand, actually need the item you’re buying, and are getting a great deal), it can be a great thing for your long-term future and stress level.


As we have noted on our blog before, saving money is all about setting the right habits. Here are a few ways to get past the first few weeks, which tend to be the most painful: (more…)

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Could You Save Money Each Month By Unplugging Cable?

For many people, going without cable television would seem almost unimaginable. And yet, “unplugging” could be great for your checking account, not to mention the rest of your life. After all, who hasn’t thought to themselves that they watch too much television and should find other hobbies or activities? That’s to say nothing of the fact that cable television bills can add up quickly without anyone noticing.


But, could you really be better off without a major source of news and entertainment? You could, and here are three of the biggest reasons why: (more…)

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One Thing Our Customers Love About Internet Payday Loans

In a perfect world, no one would need an Internet payday loan service, because we would all have enough money to pay our bills comfortably month after month. In the real world, though, any number of unexpected things can happen – your car can break down, a major appliance can be broken, or a family emergency can leave you needing cash fast.


These are the situations that no one can predict, and the situations we are glad to be able to help our customers overcome. And when life does throw them a financial curveball, there is one thing they love about our payday loan company: that the whole process of obtaining an online payday loan is so easy and convenient.


What do we mean by “easy” and “convenient”? In a nutshell, that we want to do everything possible to help you get the money you need fast. Here are a few examples: (more…)

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3 Things to Try When You Can’t Seem to Catch Up on Bills

Everyone has fallen behind on their bills at some time or another, and in this economy, having a stack of past-due notices isn’t that unusual. In fact, millions of people just like you are struggling to get by in 2013, and having a hard time catching up. But, that doesn’t mean there isn’t hope.


Often, catching up on your bills is simply a matter of getting ahead for a couple of weeks or so. After that, you can find room to breathe, stop paying late fees, and even save a little bit of money as a cushion for the future.


So, how do you take that first step? Here are three easy tips to try: (more…)

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